Sunday, March 29, 2009

So fun to spoil the unspoiled!

The last few weeks have been so much fun at the pre school in Blok E! One day we made rice crispe treats for them...they had no idea what they were so they just stared at them as we set the treat on their desk! It was hilarious and so fun to introduce them to a favorite American snack.

Brittany found a plato recipe online, so we spent one afternoon making different colors of fun! The kids thought this was the BEST thing in the world....They could have played with it forever, seriously!

Last was our BIG birthday party at school. Brit had the idea for us to throw a massive birthday for everyone. So we came in Thursday morning screaming, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" and hugging them...haha, they were so confused! Next, they were all given balloons which gave them entertainment for hours. We then played "pin the tail on the elephant" one really got the concept of that game, but it was still fun nonetheless:) The big finale was the cake! We brought in two birthday cakes glowing with candles on top! Adults starting coming in from the street due to rumors of cake being served...We ended up using every last crumb of that cake due to people infiltrating the pre school from outside.

I'm anti-spoiling kids, but this was so, so fun! We gave them a humongous piece of cake with thick icing layered on it. They were in seventh heaven. Also, I had found some candy bars pretty cheap at the grocery store...big, thick, chocolate candy bars! Next after they were done, we played a game where the winner would get a candy the end everyone received one! They were literally bouncing off the walls!

It was just so great to see these kids who aren't promised a meal everyday light up with excitement! They were so, so appreciative... and probably alittle sugar sick as well:) But I think they would say it was well worth it...

Enjoy the pictures!

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